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American Conservative Donors

These patriots are generous donors to hardcore conservative Republican candidates and to hardcore issue mailings.

American Council for Health Care Reform

Conservative donors active in opposing over–regulation of healthcare and socialized medicine. They generously support programs focused on individual freedom and responsibility, respond generously to social and economic issues, as well as traditional charities.

American Grassroots

They intensely dislike the liberal agenda, are anti–Democrat, anti–liberal Republican, pro–fair trade (not free trade), anti–amnesty, pro–family, and pro–sovereignty. Most are multi–givers to conservative causes and candidates.

American Seniors Center

They give and give to conservative candidates, are concerned about preservation of Social Security and Medicare, and oppose schemes of cradle to grave socialized medicine. These informed seniors support charitable organizations, as well as committees established to promote traditional family values, lower taxes and a strong defense.

Building that Shining City

Unduplicated selects from the Washington Marketing Group Non–Profit Master File. This file is not capped. They give and give to conservative candidates and causes, and to traditional charities.

Center for the American Taxpayer

Federation of activist groups support passage of Tax Limitation/Balanced Budget Amendment, tax reduction, and private ownership of social security accounts.

Centre for New Black Leadership

These well–healed donors provide financial support to organizations and conservative candidates. They put their money where their mouth is in taking on the Liberal agenda.

Christian Conservative Coalition

They are steadfast supporters of Pro–life & Moral Issues, Tax Reform, Limited Government, American Sovereignty, Social Security & Health Care Reform, Border Security, and a Strong National Defense. They give repeatedly to conservative candidates and issues.

Congress Bashers

This huge army of Congress Bashers would have been happiest if the Constitution stopped with the words, "Congress shall make no law . . ." These patriots have contributed to numerous campaigns aimed at defeating wild–eyed liberal schemes to raise taxes and restrict our liberty.

Conservative Republican Alliance

These hardcore conservatives give serious money to candidates who oppose RINO Republicans and Democrats, and to organizations supporting both fiscally and socially conservative programs.

Conservative Senate Victory Club

These donors support a conservative Republican United States Senate. They support tax reduction, American sovereignty, adamantly oppose illegal immigration and the socialist programs advocated by Senator Hillary Clinton. They would be happy if all U.S. Senators were in the mold of Jesse Helms.

Declaration Alliance

This is the Alan Keyes grassroots lobby, built on projects with themes such as opposition to legislation that would expand the authority of the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms, rebuilding our moral foundation, and defending Christian Heritage.

Declaration Foundation

These politically active Christians are concerned about America's moral decline and dedicated to the preservation of liberty though out the Republic, and throw their financial support behind projects dealing with US Sovereignty, the Bill of Rights, the Founding Fathers, and Right to Life.


graypac-logo-new-sm.jpgGrayPac is the political action army of the 60 Plus Association, a conservative senior’s advocacy group with a free enterprise, less government, less taxes approach to senior issues. GrayPac supports candidates committed to ending the "death" tax and saving Social Security for the young through Personal Savings Accounts.

Hispanic Conservative Donors

reagan-hispanicHispanic Conservative Donors are Americans of Hispanic decent, bi-lingual speaking both English and Spanish. They are passionate to protect and uphold the US Constitution, Constitutional rights, small government, Freedoms and the American Way of Life as it was conceived by and defended by the Founding Fathers. Many Latin-Americans left their home country in direct protest against communism and socialism, prioritizing the American Way. On social issues, Hispanic Conservatives are professionals, uphold and empower individual rights and responsibilties, are committed to hard-work and personal incentive to improve the quality of life. Hispanic Conservatives also prioritize family first, are Pro Life, and emulate traditional Christian values. Hispanic Conservatives take issue with the Hispanic Congressional Caucus for failing to represent their views.

Judicial Warriors

They are taking on the liberal law organizations. These patriots put their money where their mouth is to support Judicial Warriors – lawyers who take on the ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, NOW Legal Defense Fund, and American Atheists.

Keyes High Dollar Names

This list consists of the $50+ donors to organization led by Ambassador Alan Keyes.

Life & Liberty PAC

These donors support the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, and donate repeatedly to campaigns to defeat Pro–abortion candidates.

Multi–candidate & Issue Donors

This list is made up of conservative concerned citizens that have showed their dissatisfaction with the Liberal agenda by donating to candidates and causes that promote sovereignty and pro–family. These pro–American donors give repeatedly.

Multiple Hardcore Conservative Donors

No–nonsense donors support hardcore conservative candidates – and pro–family, populist, anti–UN and anti–tax causes.

National Conservative Donors

These donors give generously to restore liberty, defeat Obama Democrats and elect Tea Party backed Republicans.

National Defense Alliance

These patriots would like to see spending on the United States military restored to Reagan era levels. These wealthy patriots provide financial support for conservative organizations on a broad range of issues.

Politically Incorrect Conservative Donors

Donors of political action committees, they target liberals and support pro–family candidates. These patriotic Americans are social and economic conservatives. They hate the ACLU and the IRS.

Reagan Conservative PAC

reagan-conservative-pacThese patriotic donors believe that, together, we can make our voices heard. We can win back Washington and our state capitals. They are fighting back. They give their money to target the most important issues and the most winnable districts and states. These hardcore conservatives helped make huge progress in 2010, helping elect 80 new members of the House of Representatives. They believe our country is at a crossroads - and if we are to turn America around, we must complete the job – and they put their money where their mouth is. These high dollar donors are dedicated to electing a conservative Republican president, repealing ObamaCare and permanently repealing the death tax. RCP Website

Renew America – The Keyes Network

Generous Moral, Social and Economic conservative donors. This is the unduplicated master file for donors to organizations led by Ambassador Alan Keyes.

Republican Money Machine

Republican Money Machine donors support limited government. The Republican Money Machine represents the Crème de la Crème of donors to conservative candidates and causes.

expose Democrat double–talk, strengthen Republican leaders who uphold our rights to life and liberty, and defend the platform of Reagan Republicanism – pro–life, pro–family, strong defense, low taxes and small government.

Republicans for a Permanent Majority

support hardcore conservative Republicans candidates, and are dedicated to making the conservative GOP a permanent majority for at least the next decade.

Republicans for American Sovereignty

These patriots oppose world government and want the United States to withdraw from the United Nations. Hardcore rightwing conservatives to the bone, these Republican donors want spending on the United States military restored to Reagan era levels.

Rule of Law Committee

Members are working to strengthen the Rule of Law – support repeal of the 16th Amendment and abolishing the Income Tax, U.S. Border Security and no amnesty for illegal aliens, display of the Ten Commandments, Defense of Traditional Marriage, and a project that would ensure that no American would ever again be required to serve in the armed forces of the United Nations or under any foreign power.


Donors are pro–growth and fiercely anti–tax. They have never seen a tax that should not be axed!


This is the cream Taxfighter list. Now available in one place are the unduplicated files of the best of the best fiscal conservative Tax Bashers.

The Religious Right

Donors who hold family and Judeo–Christian values in high regard. These God fearing individuals oppose abortion and believe in the sanctity of human life. They are fiercely pro–Israel.

The Samuel Adams Society

hard right on issues such as: Tax Repeal—repeal the Income Tax/Death Tax; keep the 10 Commandments in the Public Square; Defense of Marriage; and support for programs to expose the Justice Department's atrocities committed at Waco, among others.

The Silver Eagles

This group is the political squad of the American Senior's Center. They're committed to repealing ObamaCare, ending the Death Tax, electing conservatives and ending the Obama Presidency. Special select – all are $1,000+ donors.

Traditional Values Alliance

Fierce in their support of Christian values, adamant against granting special privileges to one class over another.

United Front

Hardcore conservatives who oppose the UN and the leftist homosexual agenda; and support the sanctity of life, as well as tax reform.

United States Security Center

These Patriotic donors support military spending adequate to defend America in this era of Islamist terrorism and to defend against threat from China and elsewhere. They want to see our borders sealed and are adamantly opposed to amnesty for illegal aliens.