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American Conservative Donors

These patriots are generous donors to hardcore conservative Republican candidates and to hardcore issue mailings.

American Council for Health Care Reform

Conservative donors active in opposing over–regulation of healthcare and socialized medicine. They generously support programs focused on individual freedom and responsibility, respond generously to social and economic issues, as well as traditional charities.

American Seniors Center

They give and give to conservative candidates, are concerned about preservation of Social Security and Medicare, and oppose schemes of cradle to grave socialized medicine. These informed seniors support charitable organizations, as well as committees established to promote traditional family values, lower taxes and a strong defense.

Border Security Defenders

Build The Wall! These Patriotic donors defend President Trump's relentless commitment to building the wall along the southern border.

Building that Shining City

Unduplicated selects from the Washington Marketing Group Non–Profit Master File. This file is not capped. They give and give to conservative candidates and causes, and to traditional charities.

Center for the American Taxpayer

Federation of activist groups support passage of Tax Limitation/Balanced Budget Amendment, tax reduction, and private ownership of social security accounts.

Christian Conservative Coalition

They are steadfast supporters of Pro–life & Moral Issues, Tax Reform, Limited Government, American Sovereignty, Social Security & Health Care Reform, Border Security, and a Strong National Defense. They give repeatedly to conservative candidates and issues.

Christian Legislative Center

Christian Legislative Center is a hub for political donors who are committed to socially conservative values, including school prayer, sex education, pro-life, pro-Israel, and related religious right campaigns.

Conservative Senate Victory Club

These donors support a conservative Republican United States Senate. They support tax reduction, American sovereignty, adamantly oppose illegal immigration and the socialist programs advocated by Senator Hillary Clinton. They would be happy if all U.S. Senators were in the mold of Jesse Helms.

Drain The Swamp Committee

The Drain the Swamp Committee is committed to bringing sanity back to Washington City—Draining the Swamp by defeating Socialist Democrats and RINOs (Republicans-in-Name-Only).

Keeping America Strong

KEEPING AMERICA STRONG donors are typically multi-donors -- supported Trump from the beginning. Under Trump’s leadership, Republicans unleashed a new era of broad-based prosperity for America.

Judicial Warriors

They are taking on the liberal law organizations. These patriots put their money where their mouth is to support Judicial Warriors – lawyers who take on the ACLU, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, NOW Legal Defense Fund, and American Atheists.

Make America Great

Make America Great donors support Donald Trump’s agenda. MAG activists fund conservative candidates committed to Make America Great—make America Free and Independent again.

Life & Liberty PAC

These donors support the sanctity of life from conception to natural death, and donate repeatedly to campaigns to defeat Pro–abortion candidates.

Multi–candidate & Issue Donors

This list is made up of conservative concerned citizens that have showed their dissatisfaction with the Liberal agenda by donating to candidates and causes that promote sovereignty and pro–family. These pro–American donors give repeatedly.

Multiple Hardcore Conservative Donors

No–nonsense donors support hardcore conservative candidates – and pro–family, populist, anti–UN and anti–tax causes.

Politically Incorrect Conservative Donors

Donors of political action committees, they target liberals and support pro–family candidates. These patriotic Americans are social and economic conservatives. They hate the ACLU and the IRS.

Reagan Conservative PAC

reagan-conservative-pacThese patriotic donors believe that, together, we can make our voices heard. We can win back Washington and our state capitals. They are fighting back. They give their money to target the most important issues and the most winnable districts and states. These hardcore conservatives helped make huge progress in 2010, helping elect 80 new members of the House of Representatives. They believe our country is at a crossroads - and if we are to turn America around, we must complete the job – and they put their money where their mouth is. These high dollar donors are dedicated to electing a conservative Republican president, repealing ObamaCare and permanently repealing the death tax. RCP Website

Republican Money Machine

Republican Money Machine donors support limited government. The Republican Money Machine represents the Crème de la Crème of donors to conservative candidates and causes.

expose Democrat double–talk, strengthen Republican leaders who uphold our rights to life and liberty, and defend the platform of Reagan Republicanism – pro–life, pro–family, strong defense, low taxes and small government.

Republicans for a Permanent Majority

support hardcore conservative Republicans candidates, and are dedicated to making the conservative GOP a permanent majority for at least the next decade.

Rule of Law Committee

The Rule of Law Committee is a conservative 501(c)4 organization built entirely through direct mail. Activists were solicited for membership with packages with themes, such as: America Betrayed, which reveals government cover ups; Liberty Restoration, dedicated to repeal of the 16th Amendment and abolishing the Income Tax; Renew Liberty - Passage of the Citizen Soldier Protection Act, which would ensure that no American would ever again be required to serve in the armed forces of the United Nations or under any foreign power; an EPA Police package, geared to thwart EPA abuse of power; and American Border Security packages against amnesty for illegal aliens; among others.

Republicans for American Sovereignty

These patriots oppose world government and want the United States to withdraw from the United Nations. Hardcore rightwing conservatives to the bone, these Republican donors want spending on the United States military restored to Reagan era levels.

Sixty Plus Donors

60-plusThese patriotic donors contributed to award winning direct mail packages created by Washington Marketing Group for senior organizations headed by Jim Martin, the pioneering advocate for senior rights. Many of the packages featured legendary singer Pat Boone. One of our major donor 60 Plus packages was awarded a Gold MAXI from the DMAW. This masterfile includes donors to the 60 Plus Foundation, the Seniors Research Institute, the 60 Plus Association, and Grey Pac. These generous donors support free enterprise, less government, and less taxes. Martin and the organizations he heads are dedicated to ending the death tax and saving Social Security for the young, and ending elder abuse.

The Patriots Pac

Patriots Pac is stopping Democrats from making the rules for elections and counting the votes. Unless Democrats are stopped, Republicans will not win another election ever.

Traditional Values Alliance

Fierce in their support of Christian values, adamant against granting special privileges to one class over another.