Phone Availability

Name of ListAvailable Numbers
Alliance to Restore America's Standard of Living31,756
American Alliance27,180
American Conservative Donors218,602
American Council for Health Care Reform123,394
American Grassroots47,696
American Seniors Center743,523
Building that Shining City on a Hill1,070,087
Center for the American Taxpayer161,676
Centre for New Black Leadership83,886
Christian Conservative Coalition1,114,101
Citizens for Limited Government95,501
Congress Bashers323,943
Conservative Republican Alliance22,469
Conservative Senate Victory Club109,724
Death Tax Elimination Council106,583
Declaration Alliance20,488
Declaration Foundation32,933
Defenders of Life20,341
Fed up15,988
Judicial Warriors178,957
Keyes High Dollar25,884
Life & Liberty Pac56,626
Multi-candidate & Issue Donors132,750
Multiple Hardcore Conservative Donors87,690
National Conservative Donors169,149
National Defense Alliance305,478
National Tax Limitation Committeenbsp;
National Taxpayers Federation40,215
Politically Incorrect Conservative Donors250,753
Renew America – The Keyes Network111,390
Republican Money Machine125,645
Republican Pac81,340
Republicans for A Permanent Majority275,387
Republicans for American Sovereignty270,992
ROL - Border Security Tea Party21,304
Rule of Law Committee70,212
Samuel Adams Society11,384
Silver Eagles26,842
Sixty Plus Association116,935
Tax Reform Donors43,663
The Religious Right63,121
Traditional Values Alliance36,819
United Front64,095
United States Security Council305,478